There isn’t anything we make that I wouldn’t give my own kids.  Well, except the alcohol part, naturally.”  -Elle

I’m a mom.  Not just a mom.  I’m *that* mom.  Oh, you know the one–the one who makes sure everything the kids put in their mouth is as natural as possible. I’m that crazy lady in the grocery store (yea, I’ve seen you staring!) reading every ingredient label and putting items back when I get to an ingredient I can’t pronounce or just doesn’t belong.  That’s me.  I admit it, and isn’t admitting it the first step? 

That crazy lady philosphy trickles right on down to the way things are done here at Little Pink Elephants.  Everything is as fresh as fresh can be.  There’s no sitting in a freezer awaiting your order.  Oh no.  That type of model would never fly here.  Each pint is made just for you, and each pint has no preservatives, no fillers, no artificial flavors, no extra anything.  Just the good stuff–real fruit, hormone and antibiotic free dairy, eggs from free range chickens fed all vegetarian diets, and of course the really good stuff adds a nice cherry on top. 

Let’s take the story way back……

Once upon a time, way back when iPhone’s weren’t even a thing yet (the horror!), times were dark.  Times were so dark texting involved repeatedly pushing numbers to get to the right letter and things were planned without Pinterest boards. During these untechnological dark times, there was a girl who, for some reason, started making gelatos, ice creams, and sorbets inspired by alcoholic beverages.  These frozen marvels weren’t just  inspired by adult beverages, though.  Oh no! These pints were special.  These pints were infused with the delicious nectars of legal drinking age and spread light to all who scooped them. 

The girl continued to make boozy frozen deliciousness for people, giving them out as gifts all the while enjoying translating the elements of a drink into churned perfection and watching people light up with enjoyment.  People continued to scoop, so she started to charge for her frozen marvels, and, oddly enough, people scooped on even after having to cough up cash for it.

And so Little Pink Elephants was born.

Soon, the girl had a following telling her to grow bigger, to share her light giving pints with as many people as she could. So she did.  She grew, and she grew, and she grew until she hit a growth plateau.

Or so she thought.

One fateful day a mutual swipe right (no joke!)led our fair girl and a classy gent on a trek without breadcrumbs to show them their way back.  Or maybe they just tested too many flavors that day and passed out.  In any event, with totally sober and sound mind our two heroes set forth to bring Little Pink Elephants beyond the captivity of the capital district and release it into the wild.  Okay, that’s a bit dramatic, but they decided to bring Pinkie and his spirited flavors to everyone and anyone who wanted to enjoy.

But that’s not the end of this story. This is just the start.  Pinkie world domination is on the horizon!

Okay, again with the drama.  Truth be told the biggest part of our story is YOU!  You’re right here with us, helping us decide where we go from here and what else we can do.  The sky is the limit, Scoop Nation, we love having you on board, and we hope you love our creations as much as we love making them for you.

Scoop on!

-Elle and TJ