Mixology Your Scoop

Spent time in a bar?  Good, then you know everyone has their own poison.  We can make that poison for you–not shaken, not stirred, but churned to perfection.  Email us or message us on Facebook to get your own perfectly churned creation for now, but here at Little Pink Elephants we deeply care about your laziness, so we promise drop down menus are coming soon. 

For one Alcohol:  $15 per pint

For two Alcohols: $18 per pint

For three or More Alcohols: $21 per pint

Might We Suggest....

Cosmopolitan: Cranberry sorbet with lime and vodka. 

Margarita:  Any kind of fruit base with tequila and orange flavor liqueur. For an original margarita choose lime. We suggest a sorbet for full effect. 

White Russian:  The dude always abides a vanilla gelato with coffee liqueur and vodka.  

Black Russian:  A chocolate gelato with coffee liquer and vodka.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shot:  Vanilla ice cream with cinnamon whisky and rum liqueur

Martini:  Any kind of base with vodka.  Really, anything works. 

Raspberry Hard Lemonade:  raspberry tea gelato with vodka. 

Irish Car Bomb:  a stout gelato with irish whisky and irish cream. 

Cranberry Vodka aka Cape Cod: cranberry sorbet with vodka. 

Or Perhaps These Flavor Pairings

Blueberry goat cheese ice cream with bourbon

Cranberry goat cheese ice cream with orange liquer

Brie ice cream with red wine

Strawberry cheesecake ice cream with vodka. 

Fig manchego ice cream with honey whisky

Chocolate chili sorbet with tequila