Let Us Scoop You A Shot

A Brit and a Mexican Walk Into a Bar–a rich custard based cinnamon and vanilla ice cream with a churro crumb swirled through for a deep authentic flavor.  The warm, churro flavor is enhanced by the hints of coffee and cream in the stout.

Make Your South Rise Again–a surprisingly light and airy peach gelato that brings out the honeycomb and woodiness of the bourbon. Candied bacon adds a salty sweetness to create a combination sure to make your nethers tingle.  

Goat Busters–a creamy tangy ice cream with the consistency of goat cheese paired with the elegance of sweet roasted figs, rounded out with the best compliment a cheese can get—red wine.  A genuinely luxurious, fresh, light flavor.

Carmella Strips Down at the IPA—a sultry blend of traditional sweet and salty in a creamy yet light ice cream with a finishing kick of hops only an IPA would give.

Go For Grounds-a rich coffee ice cream kicked up a few notches with vodka.  Simple, sensual, and delicious–just like you. 

Rosh Your Shannah—there is no other way to describe this than pleasantly refreshing. A delightful sorbet with a homemade apple-pie flavor delicately complimented by honey whisky.  A favorite of all who try it.

Blackberry Missile Crisis–mint shares the stage with blackberry in this refreshing sorbet that will make its mojito drink cousin jealous its so on point.

Raving Berries of Ibiza–blackberries, strawberries, cranberries, and red wine combine to create a deep, flavorful, sorbet that captures the essence of a refreshing glass of sangria.

Pinkies Strawberry Hard Lemonade–all the tangy and sweet of strawberry lemonade in a gelato or sorbet with the added kick of vodka to really help quench your thirst on a summer day.  We recommend pairing with a chaise lounge and some sun. 

Hackers of Darkness-you may be torn between a vote for awesome and delicious, but this classic cocktail will always get your vote.  A velvety, light chocolate gelato hits the campaign trail with coffee liqueur and vodka and wins big time when the chocolate chips join the mix.  

$15 per pint, $25 per quart. Need more?  Contact us for pricing!

We are always changing our flavors so be sure to come back!  

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