Never fear, we’re here! Go ahead and pull a chair up to the bar and ask your churners anything…
Alright, so what's with the name?

Don’t you love it? I mean, we love it! Who doesn’t love elephants!

Still here? Alright, may as well tell you: For many a century, drunken hallucinations have had no shortage of names—seeing snakes in your boots, seeing rats, seeing green monkeys, seeing blue giraffes, the list goes on! Around 1896 the pink elephant was first recorded in Henry Wallace Phillips’ “Fables of our Times,” wherein he referred to a drunk man seeing a pink and green elephant. It wasn’t until 1905 that the mighty pink elephant became the animal of choice for drunken-hallucinations, and in 1941 Disney even jumped on board with the epic movie Dumbo: Dumbo drinks champagne spiked water and hallucinates the dancing and singing “Pink Elephants on Parade.”

Totally unrelated to alcoholics, hallucinations, or the insanely adorable Dumbo, pink elephants actually do exist in nature! Albino elephants actually have soft, reddish brown skin that actually turns light pink when wet.

And now you know, and knowing is half the battle. The other half is 25% red lasers and 25% blue lasers, of course.

So, like, there's actually alcohol in the ice cream?

Yes, yes there is! There is alcohol in each flavor we have and each pint has up to 5% ABV, so scoop responsibly friends!

Obviously, if you’d like a virgin flavor we can do that on request, but where is the fun in that?

But alcohol doesn't freeze!

Alcohol, by itself, does not freeze, and it for sure messes with the freezing points of gelatos, ice creams, and sorbets. That said, all those years paying attention in chemistry class (thanks, college!) are finally paying off because each base and alcohol combo has a sweet spot, and we know exactly where that is to ensure a frozen product that packs a punch.

How do you ship these glorious pints?

We pack everything up, place it in these super cool bags that look like bubble wrap or an insulated cooler, depending on where it’s going, load it up with enough dry ice to freeze a small nation (like a really small nation), and then on it’s way to you it goes.

So it will arrive frozen, yes?

By all our accounts? Yes. That said, we can’t control the carrier services, whether or not they ring your doorbell when the package arrives, whether or not they leave it in direct sunlight, or whether or not it arrives on time. Once it leaves us, there’s not much we can do outside of the above packaging. If you open the box and there’s a milkshake inside please contact us and we’ll get to the bottom of things and do everything we can to make things right.

How much will all this fancy shipping cost me?

Well, we try really hard to keep our prices down for you. Shipping for 1 pint all the way up to 4 pints is a flat rate of $20. Anything over 4 pints, and we will get back to you with pricing or if it’s more cost effective, ship in two separate boxes for an additional $20 shipping fee. If you want overnight shipping we will be happy to discuss pricing options for that with you as well.

We do everything we can to make sure your product will arrive frozen and part of that is loading up the box with as much dry ice as we can. That means we can’t overcrowd the box to ensure there is enough space for the dry ice to work it’s magic. Your box may arrive looking pretty empty but that’s because the dry ice is doing it’s job and sublimating itself for the cause of frozen pints.

Is there a minimum order? Maximum order?

There is no minimum, there is no maximum, but keep in mind that the shipping cost for 1 pint is the same as 4 pints, so we suggest you get your scoop on with multiple flavors!

Dude, where's the watermelon?

We know, we know, and no one is more disappointed than us about the lack of watermelon as an option.  The truth is, watermelon is one fickle beast of a fruit when it comes down to it and we stand by our commitment of using no artificial flavors and no preservatives.  It works beautifully for sorbets, BUT, and this is a big but, because we are working with the raw fruit itself the actual sorbet will go bad fairly quickly and there’s no magic formula for how long it takes to start getting funky. We can’t, in good conscience, ship something to our lovely Scoopers that may go bad any more than we can in good conscience ship something off to Scoop Nation that is packed with artificial flavor and preservatives.  As far as ice creams and gelatos go, we haven’t been able to capture the flavor of watermelon without some artificial flavor, so for now it’s a no-go unless you really, really want it, in which case email or message us.

Why the gin hate?

So you’ve noticed there’s no gin options, which means two things: you like gin and you want something with gin. We’re totally cool with making something with gin, we even have it in stock at all times because one of our regular Scoopers frequently requests Pinkie’s Hard Lemonade with gin. The reason it’s not an option is that gin takes on the taste of whatever it is mixed with, which isn’t a bad thing at all. It’s a great thing, in fact. The problem is it also makes tasting it in a pint very difficult unless you add a fair amount, and when you add a fair amount you mess with freezing points, and when you mess with freezing points you get more of a milk shake/smoothie than an actual pint of ice cream or sorbet. We don’t want Scoop Nation to think we’re skimping on our alcoholic promises. That said, if you want something with gin we would be more than happy to make it for you with the caveat that odds are it will taste like nothing is in it.

Would you do a signature scoop for my wedding?

No one loves a wedding more than us, and nothing says awesome like a signature scoop! We would be honored and delighted to work with you to create your own signature flavor, ship tasting samples to you, create custom tags/containers, and be a part of your special day! Email or message us and we will get back to you as soon as we stop happy dancing with excitment for your upcoming nuptials.  Be forewarned, we (read: Elle) may go on a total tangent asking about your wedding decorations and details because we (she) absolutely loves that stuff, so please reign us (Elle) in!

Do you just sit at home churning?

Well? Kind of.

All test kitchens are done in-house quite literally. Makes things much easier and much more fun because who doesn’t love dancing and churning the night away? All things gratis we make are also done in Elle’s home kitchen.

Anything we sell, though, complies with all New York State regulations, the most important of which is food health and safety regulations. We have our food handling license and we rent a commercial kitchen space that is regularly inspected by the New York State Department of Health, the county of Albany, and is also permitted and licensed as a food processing location in the state of New York.